Top 3 Reasons to Love Our New Guy

Posted on: May 20th, 2011

Eric and his abs welcome you to enjoy your stay...

Besides the new pool, hot tub and remodeling, The Belvedere Fire Island welcomes a new face to our lineup of employees, Eric. Top three reasons to love him:

  1. Hardworking
  2. Handy

Daniel Nardicio interviewed him for his website D World (read the whole story here.)

A few nuggets from that great interview:

What are your impressions of Fire Island so far? So far i think this place is magical.  The deer, the beaches, the boys!!!!  I’m in heaven!!!

And what are you most excited about this summer season? I’m excited to experience all of the holiday weekends and meet new people and have fun as much as possible!

Anything you’d like our guests to know about you? I’d love to let all of our guests know that i look forward to welcoming you all to the belvedere and promise to do my best to ensure that you have an incredible stay with us!

… and of course…Swimsuit options: (pick one)
Speedo? Trunks? Board shorts? Naked? sometimes speedos sometimes naked!

Continue reading Daniel Nardicio’s interview and see more photos at D World