Meet a Belvedere veteran – Quentin

Posted on: June 23rd, 2011

binäre optionen 10 tipps Hey men. If you’ve been coming by our house for the past few years you’ve no doubt run into our longtime employee and all around good sport Quentin.  Quentin’s a midwest boy with a kicky sneaker fetish and a big heart.  We cornered Quentin in the garden and got him to get his hands dirty for us.

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miglior sito scommesse binarie binäre optionen welche indikatoren Hey Quentin! Welcome to the belvedere! Where are you from? Originally from St. Louis Misery. I mean Missouri. But I have been in NYC for about 8 years now

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opcje binarne jak zarabiać And what will you be doing around our house this summer? I will be doing a little housekeeping management, front desk, and whatever else I’m asked to do <wink wink nudge nudge>

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online trading flatform You’re returning to the Belvedere, what brings you back year after year? The recession! Its hard out here for a pimp. LOL..No. I have tremendous amount of respect for John, Craig and Julian and we are one big happy family, so as long as they keep having me I will keep coming back. Remind them of this at bonus time.
conto demo opzioni binarie senza deposito gratis What are you most excited about this summer? The release of the new Nike Air Yeezy (sneakers).. Or did you mean this summer on fire island? Im excited about it all, meeting new guest, seeing returning guest, and all the parties


equity swap trading strategies What’s your nickname around here? The Ancient One or Quentina


trading online binario app iphone Original! Why that nickname? I have been around as long as some of the paintings.


opcje binarne z najmniejszym depozytem Aw you’re not that old! Will you be participating in the invasion this year? I’m still thinking about it, I did it a few years ago under the alias Amy Crackhouse. Everyone thought it was genius! And I had a blast doing it, so it is very possible that I will be doing it again. opzioni binarie da 5 euro What’s your drag persona? Anita Gram Nah’Really. (Its French.)


binary options channel review Cute!! What’s the most important thing to remember when servicing our guests? Make sure they are having a good time and feeling at home..


videos de opções binarias It’s your day off of work on Fire Island, what do you do? Lay out on the beach? Lay out at the Belvedere? Get off of Fire Island! You’re free!, or Day off? What’s that?? I’m free!!! so I’m probably somewhere having a cocktail or two or seven


gsm tac cia trading Anything else you’d like our guests to know about you? Im not as mean as I look. (2) I’m a huge fan of Ciroc red berry vodka..(just saying if they wanted to surprise me with a gift) (3) No, Im not straight opciones binarias forex Coulda fooled us. (Yeah right) Thanks Quentin! Here’s to a great summer 2011!