Meet Rich – Another Belvedere Boy!

Posted on: July 11th, 2011

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Another one of our houseboys, physician Rich, visit has also returned this summer to our home.  Rich loves to laugh, sildenafil loves to be barefoot and loves making you feel at home when you stay here at the Belvedere.  A self professed beach bum Rich also loves to pass out on the beach and sleep around the house.  We cornered Rich in the courtyard and woke him up from a nap to gab with us.

binära optioner mäklare binära optioner info Hey Rich Welcome to the Belvedere! Where are you from? I’m a Long Island boy, I grew up in Levittown.

news And what will you be doing around our house this summer? Running around barefoot with my headphones on, singing my heart out while I vacuum? probably/maybe?

köp Viagra 130 mg på nätet You’re returning to the Belvedere too, what brings you back? This island is totally home for me… And anyway, who wouldn’t wanna live at Belvedere???

tipps zu binÐ“Ñ’Ð’â€œÐ“â€˜Ð’â€œÐ“Ñ’Ð’â€“Ð“ÑžÐ’Ð‚Ð’â„¢Ð“Ñ’Ð’â€œÐ“ÑžÐ’Ð‚Ð’Ñ™Ð“Ñ That’s true! What are you most excited about this summer? I always look forward to those random days when you leave the house at like 2 in the afternoon thinking that nothing’s going on… and the next thing you know it’s 6 a.m. and youre on the beach contemplating crazy with some people you met along the way, no one knows what happened in between, but that’s Fire Island…

read this article It sure is. So, what’s your nickname around here? Pumpkin.

binäre optionen verkaufen Nice, why that nickname? If you’ve ever seen “Memoirs of a Geisha” you know there’s a character named Pumpkin, and Pumpkin has a scene where she rolls up and yells “I got the whiskey, let’s party!!!” enough said?

have a peek at this web-site What do you most like doing on your days off around here? I am a beach bum through and through, so if it’s my day off you can bet I’m gonna be on the beach (but napping on the couch in the courtyard is totally my guilty pleasure…)

get redirected here So what’s the best part about living on fire island all season? Living on Fire Island all season.är-det-säkert-att-köpa-Sildenafil-Citrate-pÃ¥-nätet What’s the most important thing to remember when servicing our guests? I feel like this is home for me so I want our guests to feel the same way, i just want everyone to do their thang and have a good time! It’s drag time on fire island – what kinda shoes?? A spike heel, the higher the better! A sensible strappy mule! A beachy espadrille! Nothing, barefoot is best!! Barefoot is definitely best, but if you’re getting me in drag then it’s go big or go home!

Check This Out INDEED! Anything else you’d like our guests to know about you? I totally know that I have the goofiest laugh ever… and Quentin loves it!!! Craig says it’s the laugh heard round the world…  but at least you always know where i am :)

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where can i buy propecia in south africa Thanks Rich! Here’s to a great summer 2011.