Getting candid with Candido!

Posted on: August 15th, 2011

this website check here One of our returning men this summer, dosage and a good friend of ours, is Candido.  A true man’s man, Candido loves his cigars, loves being handy, and most of all, loves showing off around our house.  You wont find us complaining about that last part! We caught this puffing Portuguese pup on a smoke break by our pool and got him to clear the air for us. programmi opzioni digitali mac Hey Candido, welcome to the belvedere! Where are you from? I was born in Campanario Madeira, Portugal I lived there until I was three when my family moved to Woburn, MA – just north of Boston – in October 1969. I grew up in Woburn for 29 years and then moved to Miami where I met Graig thats how I was introduced to the Belvedere and Cherry Grove in 2008. I worked at the Belvedere in 2009 and now I’m back this season

follow url And what will you be doing around our house this summer? I am here making sure our guests have everything they need to have a fantastic and memorable stay at The Belvedere. I will also be doing construction and projects around the property. I’m usually topless on a roof somewhere or naked after my workday around the guesthouse. You’re returning to the Belvedere too, what brings you back? Craig and Julian and the wonderful family here at The Belvedere….so many of the guests have been coming here for years and it’s wonderful to see and visit with everyone – new and returning.

forex robot free What are you most excited about this summer? Seeing all the hot boys on the island and especially around the Belvedere, working on my tan and getting in shape (trying to get my 8-pack back). It’s also my first summer starting to build my freelance business.

bester broker für binäre optionen What’s your nickname around here? I have a few … Dido, Candy, Candyman… Julian calls me clidalingus, candelas, and Craig calls me the Puppeteer but only when he wants to be nice to me lol. VERY interesting! Why all those crazy nicknames? I plead the 5th… I don’t know wwwhhhhyyyy!!

binära optioner nasdaq What do you most like doing on your days off around here? Hanging out on the rooftop deck off the dome room sunbathing ( in the nude of course ) and smoking my cigars and of course converseing with the guests ( inside joke you need to ask me ). I also love to work on my private architectural projects in my office area near my room in the staff house.

my site What’s the craziest pick up line youve heard on Fire Island? I’m not sure you can post this on the website but here it goes …. “my *** is in a terrible state of starvation.” Wow I laughed for days over that one man oh man. We’ll let our guests use their imagination for that one Candido!  So what’s the best part about living on fire island all season? You can do it all here … work, play, fun in the sun, play, socialize, play, then some rest, and more play…. it’s perfect. It’s really the best place in the world I think to work wicked awesome as we Bostonian’s say. What’s the most important thing to remember when servicing our guests? Respect … most of the guests have been coming to the guesthouse for years, decades even, and are like family. There are all different types of men here at the guesthouse – something for everyone – and appreciating those differences is what makes the Belvedere so enchanting and wonderful.

get link It’s sunset on Fire Island, we can find you – Watching the sunset on the beach. Watching the sunset on the bay. Watching the sunset on the bay? Partying at the pool show! Or, Taking a nap, you work too hard! You can find me on the rooftop deck, naked, with a cigar.  stop by some time and say hello.   :-) Anything else you’d like our guests to know about you? I love my cigars I am an exhibitionist. Also, being an architect by trade I love the magical environment that John Eberhardt has created here at the Belvedere. please come and join us here at the guesthouse and experience everything the Belvedere has to offer!

Sildenafil Citrate köpa flashback Thanks Candido! Here’s to a great summer 2011.