Fire Island Info

Fire Island, NY

Fire Island, NY is the ultimate gay vacation getaway. It offers pristine beaches without a hint of pretention. Nestled in between the Great South Bay and Atlantic Ocean the Island has been a haven for generations of beach-goers, outdoor enthusiasts, and water sport lovers. Free of cars and chaos this unique Island seems like a world away from its neighboring New York metropolitan way of life.

A gloriously gay weekend at Fire Island gets you back to nature.


Cherry Grove, America’s only gay small town, has a rich gay history dating back decades. The friendly atmosphere in “The Grove”, as the locals affectionately call it, washes over you as soon as you step off the ferry. Transportation is only by foot, so you are constantly stopping for a chat with people passing by.

Checking into the Belvedere Guest House you’ll be greeted by friendly staff who will direct you to your guest room. After a quick nap you can strip your clothes and explore the grounds. Friendly guests can mingle in the newly renovated hot tub and pool. Once you check into the Belvedere Guest House it’s up to you how many new friends you’ll meet in our beautiful new grounds.

  1. Where is Cherry Grove, Fire Island?
  2. Take the Sayville Ferry to Cherry Grove
  3. Driving Directions to Sayville Ferry
  4. Jitney from Manhattan to Sayville Ferry
  5. Long Island Railroad to Sayville Ferry
  6. Cherry Grove Guys
  7. Arts Project Cherry Grove
  8. Cherry Grove Comunity Association
  9. Next Magazine
  10. A Summer Place Realty
  11. Douglas Elliman Prudential Realty
  12. Cherry’s On The Bay
  13. Top Of The Bay Bistro
  14. Sand Castle Resturant
  15. The Island Breeze Resturant
  16. Grove Hotel & Ice Palace
  17. D World Underwear Party
  18. Sip N Twirl
  19. Pavilion Nightclub
  20. Dune Point Guest House