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Getting candid with Candido!

Posted on: August 15th, 2011

get link One of our returning men this summer, dosage and a good friend of ours, is Candido.  A true man’s man, Candido loves his cigars, loves being handy, and most of all, loves showing off around our house.  You wont find us complaining about that last part! We caught this puffing Portuguese pup on a smoke break by our pool and got him to clear the air for us.

can i buy Viagra no prescription in Reno Nevada Hey Candido, welcome to the belvedere! Where are you from? I was born in Campanario Madeira, Portugal I lived there until I was three when my family moved to Woburn, MA – just north of Boston – in October 1969. I grew up in Woburn for 29 years and then moved to Miami where I met Graig thats how I was introduced to the Belvedere and Cherry Grove in 2008. I worked at the Belvedere in 2009 and now I’m back this season

piattaforme di opzioni binarie con 1 euro di investimento And what will you be doing around our house this summer? I am here making sure our guests have everything they need to have a fantastic and memorable stay at The Belvedere. I will also be doing construction and projects around the property. I’m usually topless on a roof somewhere or naked after my workday around the guesthouse. You’re returning to the Belvedere too, what brings you back? Craig and Julian and the wonderful family here at The Belvedere….so many of the guests have been coming here for years and it’s wonderful to see and visit with everyone – new and returning.

vinnande strategi binära optioner What are you most excited about this summer? Seeing all the hot boys on the island and especially around the Belvedere, working on my tan and getting in shape (trying to get my 8-pack back). It’s also my first summer starting to build my freelance business.

bdswiss strategie What’s your nickname around here? I have a few … Dido, Candy, Candyman… Julian calls me clidalingus, candelas, and Craig calls me the Puppeteer but only when he wants to be nice to me lol. binaereoptionen strategie com VERY interesting! Why all those crazy nicknames? I plead the 5th… I don’t know wwwhhhhyyyy!! What do you most like doing on your days off around here? Hanging out on the rooftop deck off the dome room sunbathing ( in the nude of course ) and smoking my cigars and of course converseing with the guests ( inside joke you need to ask me ). I also love to work on my private architectural projects in my office area near my room in the staff house.

go here What’s the craziest pick up line youve heard on Fire Island? I’m not sure you can post this on the website but here it goes …. “my *** is in a terrible state of starvation.” Wow I laughed for days over that one man oh man.

buy Dapoxetine citrate online in Erie Pennsylvania We’ll let our guests use their imagination for that one Candido!  So what’s the best part about living on fire island all season? You can do it all here … work, play, fun in the sun, play, socialize, play, then some rest, and more play…. it’s perfect. It’s really the best place in the world I think to work wicked awesome as we Bostonian’s say.

source What’s the most important thing to remember when servicing our guests? Respect … most of the guests have been coming to the guesthouse for years, decades even, and are like family. There are all different types of men here at the guesthouse – something for everyone – and appreciating those differences is what makes the Belvedere so enchanting and wonderful.

follow site It’s sunset on Fire Island, we can find you – Watching the sunset on the beach. Watching the sunset on the bay. Watching the sunset on the bay? Partying at the pool show! Or, Taking a nap, you work too hard! You can find me on the rooftop deck, naked, with a cigar.  stop by some time and say hello.   :-)

More about the author Anything else you’d like our guests to know about you? I love my cigars I am an exhibitionist. Also, being an architect by trade I love the magical environment that John Eberhardt has created here at the Belvedere. please come and join us here at the guesthouse and experience everything the Belvedere has to offer! Thanks Candido! Here’s to a great summer 2011.

Well well well, here’s our newest boy, Kellen!

Posted on: August 9th, 2011

click to read more Hey Men! We wanted to introduce you to our newest member of the Belvedere gang, click Kellen. Kellen came to us Fourth of July weekend and is our most corn fed boy on the block, cheapest hailing all the way from exotic Idaho.  Kellen is quite the cutie but be careful guys, nothing comes between him and his one true love, Britney Spears, and he can often be found bopping around our house blasting Brit Brit while he cleans, or should we say, “queens”?! We cornered Kellen cleaning the Cupola room and got this stud from the land of spuds to get a little dirty for us. Hey Kellen Welcome to the Belvedere! Where are you from? Burley, Idaho. Population: Itty bitty!

Nice, What’s one thing everyone should know about Midwestern boys? We are the sweetest corn fed boys you’ll ever meet!

And what will you be doing around our house this summer? Housekeeping and check ins. And everything in between!

This is your first summer in the grove, how are you liking it so far? I’m really liking it! The people are great!

What event weekends are you most excited about out on the island? Besides Daniel Nardicio’s killer Underwear party every Friday… I’m excited for Ascension!

What’s your nickname around here? You-Da-Ho.

Why that nickname? A spin off of Idaho. Mostly! ;)

Who is the most played on your ipod right now? I have to say its a tie between my God, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj! I’m learning I’m going to need room in my Trinity for Miss Nicki!

What’s your favorite Britney moment in time? Oops Britney? Slave Britney? Toxic Britney? Or CRAZY BRITNEY? Slave hands down! I thought she could turn me straight, until I realized I loved Slave because of the men getting hot and sweaty around her…

What’s the most important thing to remember when servicing our guests? They are here for a fun weekend to escape wherever they came from! If I can help make that enjoyable, then I am privileged!

It’s a Friday night on Fire Island – where can we find you?  Curled up with a good book in your bed?  Curled up with a cute boy in your bed?  Curled up on the floor of Daniel Nardicio’s Underwear Party at the Ice Palace? Curling your hair? Well, if things go as planned Curled up on the floor of Daniel Nardicio’s Underwear party, then move that to a cute boy’s bed.

Anything else you’d like our guests to know about you? I hate dull pencils, talk to myself, have an inner valley girl, have no mean bone in my body and love to laugh. So let’s all have a great season! :)

Thanks Kellen! Here’s to a great summer 2011.

Hey Men – Heeere’s Johnny! Another Belvedere Boy.

Posted on: July 25th, 2011

Hey Men, generic Summer has been great for us and we hope for you too. No doubt if you’ve enjoyed a stay at our house you’ve run into our youngest buck on the block, Johnny. Johnny is not new to Fire Island but definitely new to the Grove and welcomes you all to our place with a big beaming smile everyday.  We caught up with Johnny at the gym and got him to give us the juice.

Hey Johnny Welcome to the Belvedere! Where are you from? Originally from San Antonio, Texas actually. Ive been coming to fire island for about 3 years now. i love it.

And what will you be doing around our house this summer? Housekeeping with the other boys during the day. Straight to the clubs at night ;)

Anything exciting happen to you yet this summer? A lots been going on this summer, and a lot that I dont remember after 12AM… my favorite part is really seeing my friends from last year who I havent seen the entire winter.

What’s your nickname around here? I think im the only one with no nickname LOL. Julian will think of one by labor day lol

What do you love most about Cherry Grove boys? This is my first year working and living full time in Cherry Grove, ive learned that Grove boys are much more fun to hang with than Pines Boys

Which event weekends out here do you find the most fun? Cant wait for the FIBO weekend, which ive never been to before… But my favorite F.I. event was Pines Party

What’s the most important thing to remember when servicing our guests? Always have smile and be pleasant… most of them have been staying at belvedere for many years!!

It’s TV night at the Belvedere! What show are you most excited about?  True Blood! The Real Housewives? You like to watch the news. Or “TV?! I’d rather be out at the bar with a bad drag queen!!” CHANNEL 3 in the dome room

Thanks a lot Johnny! Now get back to work! :)

Meet Rich – Another Belvedere Boy!

Posted on: July 11th, 2011

Hey Men -

Another one of our houseboys, physician Rich, visit has also returned this summer to our home.  Rich loves to laugh, sildenafil loves to be barefoot and loves making you feel at home when you stay here at the Belvedere.  A self professed beach bum Rich also loves to pass out on the beach and sleep around the house.  We cornered Rich in the courtyard and woke him up from a nap to gab with us.

Hey Rich Welcome to the Belvedere! Where are you from? I’m a Long Island boy, I grew up in Levittown.

And what will you be doing around our house this summer? Running around barefoot with my headphones on, singing my heart out while I vacuum? probably/maybe?

You’re returning to the Belvedere too, what brings you back? This island is totally home for me… And anyway, who wouldn’t wanna live at Belvedere???

That’s true! What are you most excited about this summer? I always look forward to those random days when you leave the house at like 2 in the afternoon thinking that nothing’s going on… and the next thing you know it’s 6 a.m. and youre on the beach contemplating crazy with some people you met along the way, no one knows what happened in between, but that’s Fire Island…

It sure is. So, what’s your nickname around here? Pumpkin.

Nice, why that nickname? If you’ve ever seen “Memoirs of a Geisha” you know there’s a character named Pumpkin, and Pumpkin has a scene where she rolls up and yells “I got the whiskey, let’s party!!!” enough said?

What do you most like doing on your days off around here? I am a beach bum through and through, so if it’s my day off you can bet I’m gonna be on the beach (but napping on the couch in the courtyard is totally my guilty pleasure…)

So what’s the best part about living on fire island all season? Living on Fire Island all season.

What’s the most important thing to remember when servicing our guests? I feel like this is home for me so I want our guests to feel the same way, i just want everyone to do their thang and have a good time!

It’s drag time on fire island – what kinda shoes?? A spike heel, the higher the better! A sensible strappy mule! A beachy espadrille! Nothing, barefoot is best!! Barefoot is definitely best, but if you’re getting me in drag then it’s go big or go home!

INDEED! Anything else you’d like our guests to know about you? I totally know that I have the goofiest laugh ever… and Quentin loves it!!! Craig says it’s the laugh heard round the world…  but at least you always know where i am :)

Thanks Rich! Here’s to a great summer 2011.



Meet a Belvedere veteran – Quentin

Posted on: June 23rd, 2011

Hey men. If you’ve been coming by our house for the past few years you’ve no doubt run into our longtime employee and all around good sport Quentin.  Quentin’s a midwest boy with a kicky sneaker fetish and a big heart.  We cornered Quentin in the garden and got him to get his hands dirty for us.

Hey Quentin! Welcome to the belvedere! Where are you from? Originally from St. Louis Misery. I mean Missouri. But I have been in NYC for about 8 years now


And what will you be doing around our house this summer? I will be doing a little housekeeping management, look front desk, price and whatever else I’m asked to do <wink wink nudge nudge>


You’re returning to the Belvedere, what brings you back year after year? The recession! Its hard out here for a pimp. LOL..No. I have tremendous amount of respect for John, Craig and Julian and we are one big happy family, so as long as they keep having me I will keep coming back. Remind them of this at bonus time.
What are you most excited about this summer? The release of the new Nike Air Yeezy (sneakers).. Or did you mean this summer on fire island? Im excited about it all, meeting new guest, seeing returning guest, and all the parties


What’s your nickname around here? The Ancient One or Quentina


Original! Why that nickname? I have been around as long as some of the paintings.


Aw you’re not that old! Will you be participating in the invasion this year? I’m still thinking about it, I did it a few years ago under the alias Amy Crackhouse. Everyone thought it was genius! And I had a blast doing it, so it is very possible that I will be doing it again.


What’s your drag persona? Anita Gram Nah’Really. (Its French.)


Cute!! What’s the most important thing to remember when servicing our guests? Make sure they are having a good time and feeling at home..


It’s your day off of work on Fire Island, what do you do? Lay out on the beach? Lay out at the Belvedere? Get off of Fire Island! You’re free!, or Day off? What’s that?? I’m free!!! so I’m probably somewhere having a cocktail or two or seven


Anything else you’d like our guests to know about you? Im not as mean as I look. (2) I’m a huge fan of Ciroc red berry vodka..(just saying if they wanted to surprise me with a gift) (3) No, Im not straight


Coulda fooled us. (Yeah right) Thanks Quentin! Here’s to a great summer 2011!

The Press loves the Belvedere, and we love them too!

Posted on: June 17th, 2011

For the first weekend of June we decided to open our doors to members of the media such as The Village Voice, side effects OUT Magazine, adiposity, buy information pills Next Magazine, Edge New York, Gay Socialites, and Fierth, just to name a few.  Here’s some of the responses we’ve been getting in the press so far:

“Belvedere Guest House is as close an experience to visiting Europe as one can have in a seaside New York locale.”

“I look forward to more adventures at this extravagant yet very comfortable ‘sand castle’ for many more seasons to come.”

“We found the Belvedere to be a breath of fresh air which led to an amazing weekend of rest and relaxation!”

“With impeccable ocean front views and a newly remodeled pool and hot tub area, one might find themselves on the gayest isle in the land and never leaving the resort!”

And check out some of the pics from our Saturday afternoon press event that weekend below:


Want to see more pics? Friend us on faceboook for the entire album. Click here: Belvedere Facebook Page

Special thanks to Daniel Nardicio, Stoli, UnderGear, all the business owners of Cherry Grove, and our very own Julian for cooking all the great food!  It truly was a great weekend with good times had by all. Very special thanks to all our new friends in the media for the positive reactions. We hope to have you back real soon!


Business, Media & Boys

Posted on: June 7th, 2011

Representatives of the media and the Cherry Grove businesses, order
surrounded by a bevy of beautiful DWorld calendar boys, order
came together at Belvedere Guesthouse for Men, malady
on a mild, sunny June 4, for a Grove publicity and networking pool party, and delicious lunch on the deck beside the bay, all put together by Belvedere and Daniel Nardicio.

Individuals associated with Next magazine and Edge, not to mention local publications Fire Island Q News, the Violet Letter, and Fire Island News, were in attendance. Top of the Bay and Island Breeze restaurants, Cherry’s, Dune Point, A Summer Place, and the new Fire Island Day Tripper’s Storage, as well as Stoli and UnderGear, were businesses that were represented.

Meet Justan! Another New Belvedere Man…

Posted on: May 20th, 2011

Hey Men!

Hope you’re all gearing up for summer and are as excited as we are. We wanted to take this time to introduce you to another Belvedere newbie for the Fire Island 2011 season, physician Justan.  We cozied up to Justan on the deck and got him to take off his towel.

Welcome to the Belvedere Justan! Where are you from? Thanks for the welcome! Before arriving at The Belvedere, I resided in New York City for the last five years, but I’m a San Franciscan at heart.

What were you doing before you came here? Up until last month I worked as an office manager in fashion. After three years, I realized a windowless office is not for me. I need to get a little dirty from time to time. I’ll take a splinter over a paper cut any day. Not to mention the views by the pool!

Ever lived on such a remote island before? What are your impressions so far? Actually the idea of living on an island with no cars and just the sound of wind and waves was what attracted me to the The Belvedere. That, and the community. Being surrounded by handsome men has it’s… perks. So far, it feels like home.

What kind of work will you be doing around our house? For the most part I’ll be happy to help you at the front desk. Occasionally I’ll indulge my green thumb on the Belvedere grounds and work on that tan my Irish skin is so stubborn at keeping.

What’s the most important thing to remember when servicing our guests? I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. Oh wait, you mean the customer is always right… right? Sir, yes Sir!

What nickname have Craig and Julian given you? Ivy. As in poison. The nickname I’ve had since grade school.

Ivy, nice! Why that nickname? I love plants! Don’t worry, I won’t give you a rash…

Good to know! Whew. Any special talent you want our guests  to know you have? I can wield a bullwhip with ease thanks to a crush on Indiana Jones and repetitive viewings of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman. And a lot of practice. Meow.

You’re spending the day cleaning the pool filter, what are you wearing? Overalls and a t-shirt? Skimpy shorts and a tank? Speedo? Or “Nothing! You love cleaning naked?!” How does no shirt and skimpy shorts with a button or two missing sound? I doubt the pool would get very clean though. Just saying.

Thanks a lot Justan, any final words for our guests for summer 2011? I look forward to seeing a smile on your face both as you check in and upon your departure from The Belvedere! Here’s to Summer!

We look forward to seeing a LOT more of you too Justan! ;) Thanks!

Book your stay at the Belvedere now at

Top 3 Reasons to Love Our New Guy

Posted on: May 20th, 2011

Eric and his abs welcome you to enjoy your stay...

Besides the new pool, online hot tub and remodeling, dosage The Belvedere Fire Island welcomes a new face to our lineup of employees, this web Eric. Top three reasons to love him:

  1. Hardworking
  2. Handy

Daniel Nardicio interviewed him for his website D World (read the whole story here.)

A few nuggets from that great interview:

What are your impressions of Fire Island so far? So far i think this place is magical.  The deer, the beaches, the boys!!!!  I’m in heaven!!!

And what are you most excited about this summer season? I’m excited to experience all of the holiday weekends and meet new people and have fun as much as possible!

Anything you’d like our guests to know about you? I’d love to let all of our guests know that i look forward to welcoming you all to the belvedere and promise to do my best to ensure that you have an incredible stay with us!

… and of course…Swimsuit options: (pick one)?Speedo? Trunks? Board shorts? Naked? sometimes speedos sometimes naked!

Continue reading Daniel Nardicio’s interview and see more photos at D World

A Tour of The Belvedere Guest House in Feature Porn

Posted on: May 6th, 2011

Back in 2009, pills premier porn production company Lucas Entertainment, capsule shot “Return to Fire Island” at the luxe grounds of The Belvedere Guest House – Fire Island. He made considerable use of our Luxury Wing rooms, our sundecks, pool, and lounge area. Below is a slideshow tour of some of the grounds and rooms. We have copies of the DVD for sale at our front desk, or you can see preview videos, more images, buy or stream online at Lucas Entertainment’s Return to Fire Island.

Fire Island — the getaway destination known for its lush sunsets, breathtaking nude beaches, and stunning men. Michael Lucas ventures back to the locale made famous in the FIRE ISLAND CRUISING series. In Part I, five vignettes provide a sampling of the unbridled sexuality pulsing through the island. Snobby Jackson Wild picks up day laborer Rod Barry, followed by Lucas Exclusive Wilfried Knight pounding Mike Dreyden’s firm bubble butt. Next, muscle hunk Jacob Samson pumps horse hung Jason Crew, and insatiable twinks Andy Kay and Ryan Raz take turns riding Wilfried Knight’s meaty cock. Finally, Ryan Raz is plowed by studs Nick Capra and Ridge Michaels. Find out why everyone is booking their next vacation at the palatial Belvedere Hotel in RETURN TO FIRE ISLAND.